Expatriate and Offshore clients


Experience tells us that Expatriate and Offshore clients want cost-effective solutions which address their individual needs, which are provided by well-qualified Advisors who recommend proven financial planning strategies.

Chase Wealth Solutions, based on the Isle of Man provide advice with respect to:

  • Investments
  • Pensions
  • Protection
  • Cash Flow planning

Aside from email we are pleased to provide regular contact by Skype.


Expatriate and Offshore Investors often want to invest lump sums of capital or transfer investments and then put regular savings plans in place. The solution they are often given is to invest in high-cost Investment Bonds with fixed terms and high exit fees. We believe this is often not in an expatriate’s best interests. We therefore provide two lower-cost solutions which also provide far greater flexibility for the investor:

For Lump Sum Investments

Where this investment service is required we use Ardan International which provides a high quality multi-currency Wealth Platform designed for the offshore Financial Services market. Accounts are available for individual expatriates, Offshore workers, corporate and trustee clients.

The platform can be used as a single point of access to a wide range of investments, including an available library of over 70,000 funds. This allows for a consolidated online view of a client’s entire portfolio leading to less administration and paperwork.

Ardan International is part of RL360 Group, a genuinely global business, which has 60,000 policyholders, in 170 countries in excess of $10 billion in assets under management and 300 staff. (RL360.com September 2016).

For Regular Savings

Where a regular savings vehicle is required then Moventum provide a more cost-efficient online fund platform for this type of transaction. The Moventum platform offers access to over 9,000 investment funds from national and international investment companies. This means a wide choice and that tax-efficient Offshore Funds are available for Offshore clients who wish to use them. The platform is particularly well-suited for those who wish to make investments through regular contributions since contributions can be varied and if desired completely stopped without any penalties. We find this is attractive for Offshore workers who can vary their contributions as their pay varies and needs change.

The platform account has multi-currency capability providing the option to hold investments and deposits in different currencies.  Any withdrawals from the account can be made in the currency of your choice. This provides a much higher level of protection against currency movements than do traditional investment accounts as well as currency flexibility for globally mobile individuals.

With both platforms Investors are provided with online access allowing them to track their transactions, purchases, sales, movements and balances online at all times.