Cash Flow Planning

Cash Flow Planning is the true essence of financial planning – a complete understanding of your financial position and what might happen in any circumstances – in a word “Confidence”.

Cash Flow Planning involves a thorough review of your finances, learning your financial objectives, your lifestyle objectives (such as retirement plans) and important contributory factors such as your attitude towards investment and savings risk.

Only through effective Lifestyle Cash Flow Planning can we attempt to provide answers to some of the financial questions we really want answered, for instance:

  • When can I retire and still meet my financial needs?
  • Will I be able to leave an inheritance for my children?
  • How much do I need to save for my children’s education?
  • What risks do I need to take with my savings and investments?
  • How much protection (Insurance) do I need for my family?

Essential building blocks will at minimum involve understanding your income and expenditure plans (both now and in later life), your desired retirement plans and how much you wish to save for them and how you wish to save for them.

Bringing together the expertise of all our specialists (Investments, Pensions, Mortgages, Protection) we can put together a complete and holistic plan for you to take away and which we can review every year or should your circumstances change.

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