Protection for you, your family or a business

When a crisis occurs – Death or Sickness, then all your hard work and savings plans can fall apart, leaving you short of income or without a home.

This is why you need Protection and it needs to be considered as the essential and the very first step in constructing your financial plan.

For example, do you know how you or your partner would manage if you died tomorrow, had to cease work or developed a critical illness?

Whilst we consider having protection is a critical consideration for many people we also believe it important you have the correct level of cover and the most appropriate type of cover.


Where relevant we will discuss with you:

Mortgage Protection – Life cover to ensure the mortgage is cleared in full so that your dependents can continue to live in the family home.

Family Income Benefit – A regular income for your family after death or a serious illness.

Critical Illness Cover – A lump sum upon diagnosis of a critical illness, which can then be used to pay off a mortgage, pay for expensive treatment or care, or to invest and replace lost income.

Income Protection – To pay an income in lieu of salary for the rest of your expected working life, unless you return to work before retirement.

Together, these policies can protect your family, the assets you have and your future income – it is essential you consider them